A Look Inside…Favorite Makeup Brushes

Here is a look inside what the Beauty with Julie girls have in their makeup kits at all times…

There are a TON of different makeup brushes out there on the market so we completely understand how confusing it can be and why we are consistently asking what brush to use for what purpose. Luckily, we are here to give you an exclusive look inside what brushes we know and love! 


First up, we have the Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease brush. We love Zoeva brushes because they’re super soft, affordable, and give professional results. This brush in particular is great for smoking out your crease because it’s not too big and not too small. It’s natural-synthetic hair mix will blend shadows flawlessly!

Pro Tip: Natural hair is better for powder products while synthetic hair is great for both cream/liquid or powder products.

2368337Next, we have the Elf Studio Small Precision Brush. Elf Cosmetics brushes are a great quality for their affordable price. This specific brush is ideal for the inner corner of the eye and bottom lash line because of its size and shape. It’s affordability and accessibility makes it a perfect choice for beginner to professional artists.


Favorite Foundation Brush Alert! This is the Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush. A smidge higher in price point, but extremely worth it. Its soft, densely packed hairs provide an airbrush finish to the skin. Sigma Beauty is available online so be sure to check them out!


We love the Real Techniques Blush Brush for its durability, mid-price range, and quality. This brush is great for blush, bronzer, or all over powder due to its precision application and multi-purpose use. This brush also washes well and keeps its shape!


Lastly, the C427 Tapered Duo Fiber Blush Brush by Crown Brush is ideal for blush, but could also be used for bronzer, highlighter, or foundation. Duo fiber brushes have less hair on top, allowing it to pick up less product to achieve a flush of energy on the cheeks. Crown Brush is reasonably priced and available online.


Summer Essential: Beauty Balms

Originating in Asia, Beauty Balms, commonly known as BB creams, have made their way to the western hemisphere over the last couple of years. Today, just about every makeup brand carries a BB cream!

BB creams/balms are meant to give skin benefits while providing coverage. A few of its many benefits include SPF, hydration,  and blurred imperfections. BB creams are also great to use as a primer under your foundation, providing convenience, moisture, color, and reliable sun protection.  They blend easily and provide sheer to medium coverage.

The Beauty with Julie girls have put together three BB creams we know and love! Xo

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream: Covers blemishes, minimizes pores, disguises wrinkles and smoothes and brightens skin.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: The 1-step wonder for a good skin day, everyday. Packed with 8 great skin benefits for instant skin perfection. Ideal for Normal Skin.

MAC Prep+Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30: A beauty balm that blurs imperfections and evens skin tone immediately.

A Look Inside…Ardell Individual Eyelashes

Here’s an inside look on what the Beauty with Julie gals have in their makeup kits at all times!


Individual eyelashes are a must for your wedding day! Do you want eyelashes that are darker, longer, more voluminous, and look great in pictures? The Beauty with Julie girls have just what you need! Our individual short lashes provide more volume, while the medium and long lashes are perfect for length. Most of our clients look great in black lashes, but for our fairer clients who have a lighter shade of lashes we recommend using brown eyelashes to avoid any harshness.

It only takes us an additional 5-10 minutes to apply these lashes during your make-up application so it is totally worth it! We use a mild adhesive to glue them onto the lashline one cluster at a time. This is usually done before mascara and foundation. The last step is a light coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes into your new falsies. They can be removed by soaking a warm washcloth on your eye and gently wiping them off, or using an eye makeup remover, baby oil, or makeup wipe. Individual lashes do not attach to your actual eyelashes so don’t worry about loosing your real ones! The best part? Many of our clients individual eyelashes last up to 1 week with the proper care. We recommend not letting any water run on them and avoid touching/rubbing your eyes. Honeymooning after your special day? Who wouldn’t want their lashes to stay on for days after their wedding?!

Love your lashes Xo